Welcome to Lainford Butchers, we are a traditional butchers, offering professionally cut meat to a very high standard. We use primarily UK products and purchase carcass meat  to be able to supply customers with all types of cuts. we bring the traditional cutting of meat into the modern way of life, producing a wide variety of unique products to offer something different for your meals.

    Lainford Butchers has been a big part of the local community for over 50 years, and under the current owner for the past 5 years.

    We supply the local community as well as reastraunts, schools, clubs and event organisers.

    You can get directions to our shop by entering your postcode in the box provided below the map.

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  1. Lainford Butchers

    Mon : closed 
    Tues - Fri : 8 - 5
    Sat : 7 - 4
    Sun : closed
    5 Dean parade,
    Berkshire road,
    GU15 4DQ
    T: 01276 64217